Planning December 2010

Planning December 2010

Planning cover

Great Places in America

Thirty great places designated by APA. Ruth Knack provides a wrap-up.

Across the Pond, a 180-Degree Turn

A new government and new planning policies in the U.K. raise questions about the future. Anne Sayer reports.

LEED-ND: What the Skeptics Say

Too complicated? Too building-oriented? Ruth Knack asks some planners for their views.

Sidebar: A Useful Tool With Room for Improvement

Plugging the Holes

When dealing with water systems, a little collaboration goes a long way. William Atkinson taps the experts for advice.

Sarasota's Smart Growth Dividend

The numbers prove that high-density development yields the highest property taxes. Peter Katz sorts out the math, and Joe Minnicozzi supplies the analysis. A Planning Practice story.

Save It All!

Could Syracuse, New York, become a model for deconstruction? Aaron McKeon offers an answer. A Sustaining Places story.

The New Town in the Polder

Tracy Metz explains how Holland copes with changing demographics in a distinctive development.


Election report, Everglades funding.

Legal News

Sprinklers, backyard burial.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: water loss.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing tries something different: focusing on a notable practitioner.


Beyond privatization, hitting the road.

Planners Library

Instant classic, tapping creativity.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Hope for the general plan.

Cover art: Percival Landing is a great American public space in Olympia, Washington; photo courtesy Stephanie Johnson.