Planning July 2012

Planning July 2012

Planning coverThe ABCs of Solar

Schools across the country are saving serious money by putting solar power to work. Jeffrey Spivak reports.

Great Places Stuck in No Place at All

Joseph Nickol suggests ways to fix strip retail centers — in Planning Practice.

My Role in Redistricting California

Connie Galambos Malloy recounts her experience in helping to redraw the state's political boundaries.

Top-to-Bottom Sustainability Analysis

Greensboro, North Carolina, assesses its plans, policies, and codes through a new lens. By Dave Wortman and Graham Billingsley. With a sidebar by Scott Goldstein and Stephanie Brown. A Sustaining Places story.

Sidebar: Decatur Goes from Soybeans to Sustainability

Out of Isolation

Charlene Prost describes the massive effort that is under way to reconnect to the famous Arch in St. Louis.

The Zombie Defense and Survival Kit

How Nashville is reviving its unfinished subdivisions. Christine Kreyling looks around.


A regular column by APA's CEO, Paul Farmer.


Puerto Rico goes green, Fresno pedestrian mall.

Legal News

Statute clarity, wireless colocations.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: solar-powered schools.

Research You Can Use

Which is better: how fast you reach your destination or the ease of getting there? Find out Reid Ewing's take on the recent findings.


Madison hotel, pension reform.

Planners Library

Code changes, school siting.


Good riddance to the regional shopping mall.

Cover: St. Louis Arch; photo by Alex S. MacLean, Landslides Aerial Photography. Copyright 2011, rights reserved,