Planning November 2013

Planning November 2013

Planning coverProsperity Comes in Cycles

Rick Pruetz notes that bicycle trails can pump up local economies.

A Second Life for Auto Plants

Big industrial sites are back in vogue, says Jeffrey Spivak in a Sustaining Places story.

Better RPFs, Please

Tim Baldwin suggests how to bring the request-for-proposals process into the 21st century.

Getting Your Numbers in a Row

Rebecca Leonard and Sara Egan-Endsley explain how to use the pro forma as a tool for economic development

Big Brother Is Watching — And That's a Good Thing

Caren Chesler tells how GPS can help local government run more smoothly.

Green Goes Mainstream in Low-Income Housing

Energy-efficient buildings aren't only for the rich, say Lauren Fuhry and Walker Wells.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up

Seeking solutions in highly urbanized Latin America. Thomas E. Bassett reports.

'Activist' Mediation

An excerpt from John Forester's new Planners Press book explores whether public dispute mediators should be held accountable for their work.


A regular column by APA's CEO, Paul Farmer, FAICP.


Colorado floods, life expectancies.

Legal News

Montana zoning power, Mount Laurel.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news, compiled by Farhana Hossain in collaboration with APA's Research Department. This month: the auto industry.

Ever Green

Tim Beatley on British-style "green."


Thirsty nation, federal deficit.

Planners Library

Making connections, reading Los Angeles.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Ready to meet the challenge?

Cover: The Rímac district of Lima, Peru. Courtesy the Rímac Reborn Project.