Planning August/September 2014

Planning August/September 2014

Special Issue on Energy

Planning coverU.S. Energy: Where We're Heading

Introduction to special issue on energy.

What to Do When the Drillers Come to Town

Fracking lessons from Santa Fe County. Kim Sorvig leans in — in Planning Practice.

Sunny Side Up

Allen Best reports that solar power is finally coming into its own. A Sustaining Places story.

Boomtown USA

North Dakota has lots of oil — and lots of issues. Eric Killelea offers a close-up view.

Flow Chart

It's no small task getting oil from here to there. Jon Davis traces the routes.

Waste Hugger

Carlsbad, New Mexico, wants all the nuclear waste it can get. Tania Soussan makes a visit.

Coal's Uncertain Future

Public power hedges its bets. Bridget Mintz Testa explains the current scenario — and the proposed shift in federal regulation.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Inner Harbor, plus web-extra feature; regulating Airbnb.

Legal News

Greenhouse gas regulations.

The Commissioner

A bimonthly department aimed at planning commissioners, edited by Carolyn Torma.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing explores the journal world.


Landslides, Savannah.

Planners Library

Informal city, retail streets.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Planning 24/7.

Cover: Natural gas flame. Getty.