Planning December 2015

Planning December 2015

Planning coverGreat Places: Year Nine

Ruth Knack explores this year's great neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces.

Livability for All

Two AARP initiatives help pave the way. By Shannon Guzman and Aldea Douglas. Stephanie Firestone contributes a sidebar.

Montana Embraces TIF

Small towns are seeing results from a typically urban tool, say Janet Cornish and Lanette Windemaker in this month's Planning Practice.

Local Solar

What do leading solar communities have in common? It may not be what you expect, reports Megan Day.

China's Evolving Art Industry

Creative districts have become a centerpiece of economic strategy. Liang Sisi, Gary Hack, and Bian Lanchun are on the scene.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Houston's new plan, wildfires.

Legal Lessons

California inclusionary zoning.

The Commissioner

A bimonthly department aimed at planning commissioners, edited by Carolyn Torma.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing talks about crime and population.


Detroit responds, public-private parks.

Planners Library

John Nolen bio, the myth of socioeconomic mobility.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


A call for social justice.

Cover: "Miami - Wynwood: Mural by Eduardo Kobra" by Wally Gobetz, Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).