Planning February 2015

Planning February 2015

Planning coverWelcome to Beer Country

Small breweries are a big deal — and some cities are courting them. Allen Best reports. Sarah Barr provides a sidebar.

Facing Down the So-Called Agenda 21 'Conspiracy'

John C. Dernbach offers lessons in Planning Practice.

Hurricane Sandy's Wake-Up Call

Ed Lynch says the New York area is redefining recovery. With a web-only sidebar by Melissa Suzel Deas and Lawrence Susskind.

An Update on Our Third Coast

News and views on watershed-based planning in the Great Lakes Basin. Brian Barth reports.

How Low Should You Go?

The latest on "undergrounding" utility lines — by William Atkinson.

Appalachian Vision

Southwestern North Carolina organizes thousands to develop a regional vision. Julie Herron Carson explains.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Miami Beach, power plant reuse.

Legal Lessons

Meaningful plans, consistency.

The Commissioner

A bimonthly department aimed at planning commissioners, edited by Carolyn Torma.

Ever Green

Tim Beatley says cities are for the birds.


Houston, economic development.

Planners Library

Disasters, bikeways.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Lessons in leading.

Cover: Craft beers. Photo illustration by Elaine Melko,