Planning January 2015

Planning January 2015

Special Issue on Seattle

Planning cover Seattle 3.0

What a difference a decade makes. Mark Hinshaw tells us all about it.

Let's Share the Streets, Dude

A Planning Practice on the city's transportation efforts by Clair Enlow.

From Aerospace to the Tech Race

Seattle's economy is robust and diverse. Greg Lamm reports — with a sidebar by Kristen A. Vitro and Jan Whittington.

Web exclusive: Seattle Shifts Its Affordable Housing Policy

Climbing the Mountain Called 'Growth Management'

Joe Tovar lays out the outcomes and issues surrounding the 25-year-old law. Sidebar by Dan Bertolet.

Putting Parks First

Open space is a very big deal in Seattle. Molly Phemister explains why.

Web exclusive: Bike Seattle — on video:

Roll On, Columbia

Arnold Cogan explores the river — which is the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Marijuana, water use.

Legal Lessons


Research You Can Use

Assessing BIDs using propensity score matching.


Public participation.

Planners Library

Green infrastructure, Halprin legacy.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Is your city transitable?

APA Bylaws

Cover: Seattle's skyline frames the Seattle Great Wheel. Photo by Jay Dotson.