Planning June 2015

Planning June 2015

Planning coverA Line in the Sand

Heather Boerner explains what happens when the boundaries between private property and public space get washed away. Sidebars by Jeff Gove and John Tibbetts.

Green Infrastructure Grows Up

Going beyond stormwater systems to include roads, parks, and more. Rebecca Leonard surveys the scene in Planning Practice.

Saudi Arabia's Quest for Affordable Housing

The need and the strategies are surprisingly large scale. Chuck Ware offers a first-person account.

A 'Blue Economy' for Belize

A modeling program helps coastal planners put a price tag on natural resources. Ilima Loomis reports.

Out of the Box, Into the Scenario

Daniel Haake makes sense of the powerful tool being used to address our economic future.

Senior-Friendly Transportation Options

Driving longer — or not at all. Debbie Sullivan Reslock sorts through the choices.

Simplify That Code!

Randall Arendt reports that "lighter" form-based codes and design standards work, in an adaptation from the second edition of Rural by Design.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Great Park, AARP Livability Index.

The Commissioner

A bimonthly department aimed at planning commissioners, edited by Carolyn Torma.

Ever Green

Tim Beatley ponders the people's river.


Atlanta legacy, night meetings.

Planners Library

20th century redo, rural land.


News reports, blogs, videos.


Baby Makes Three (Commuters).

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