Planning December 2016

Planning December 2016

Great Places in America

The December issue of Planning takes you to this year’s APA-designated Great Places in America — plus the 2016 People’s Choice: Nassau Street in Princeton, New Jersey. Read the cover story to learn why these streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces made the cut.

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Great Places in America

It's time to celebrate the streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces that make your communities great. By Marya Morris.

Putting a 'There' There

Former planning director John Carpenter tells us how Westminster, Colorado, is making itself into a more inviting urban center.

Lions and Tigers and . . . Cars?

When zoos live in urban parks, beloved green places sometimes give way to ugly parking spaces. By Peter Harnik and Alexandra Hiple.

Skate Parks Ramp Up

As skateboarding goes mainstream, cities are investing in infrastructure, reports Lee Chilcote.

Out of Harm's Way

Dozens of counties evacuated as Hurricane Matthew advanced on the Southeast. Those massive migrations take careful planning, writes Craig Guillot.

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