Planning August/September 2017

Planning August/September 2017

Special Issue on Sustainability

What do Hawaii, Cuba, and Native American communities have in common? Resiliency — the special focus of Planning's August/September issue. In Hawaii, planners and officials are acting to mitigate the effects of climate change. Cuba became a model of "accidental resiliency" by maximizing use — and reuse — of limited resources for decades. In the Southwest, Native American communities call upon traditional beliefs and practices to help them plan, build, and grow in harmony with nature.

Featured Articles

Paradise in Peril

With climate change threatening its beaches, Hawaii needs to take concrete steps toward resiliency. Kristen Pope reports, with a sidebar on Alaskan fisheries.

Practice What You Plan

A group of land-use alums decide to age in place in a cohousing community of their own design. Mary Hammon reports, with a sidebar by Ellen Ryan.

Diversion Tactics

Aline Reynolds takes us through the recycling process, from bottle deposit in Oregon to a processing center in Massachusetts. Sidebar by Melanie Lambrick.

Accidental Sustainability

Will a rehabilitated relationship with the U.S. change Cuba’s culture of creative reuse? J. Marshall Brown heads to Havana to get some answers.

Recipe for Resiliency

There’s more to community food systems than farmers markets, write Sheila Martin and Megan Horst.

The People’s Way

When it comes to Native American communities, an important part of moving forward is looking back. Story by Mary Reynolds.


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