Planning June 2017

Planning June 2017

Planning Looks at Trees, Immigrant Cities, and Rural China

June's cover story, "More Trees, Please," extols the health, environmental, and aesthetic benefits of city trees and highlights exceptional urban forestry efforts under way in Madison, Wisconsin; Vancouver, Washington; and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Featured Articles

Immigrant City

Rust Belt places are welcoming newcomers, Brian Barth reports. And immigrant communities are leading the way.

More Trees, Please

Andrea Watts tours three cities fostering their urban forests. Sidebar by David Rouse.

For Better, Not Worse

A good marriage takes communication, collaboration, and respect — and the same is true when a university is wedded to its hometown. Story by Sandra Beckwith, with sidebars from Lorin Ditzler and Chloe Meyere.

Reinventing the Chinese Countryside

An old Chinese village has some new tricks to teach American planners. By Guiqing Yang, Richard LeGates, and Xin Kai.


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