Planning November 2017

Planning November 2017

Park Places

Parks and play spaces get double coverage in the November issue of Planning. Our cover story, "A Case for Play," visits pioneering playgrounds that encourage children to explore, experience nature, make friends, and solve problems. They're fun and kids love them! "Nurturing Neighborhoods" explores the many benefits that that well-planned urban parks convey to their surrounding communities.

Featured Articles

The Case for Play

Interactive, innovative, inclusive — today’s parks are creating a whole new kind of space for kids. Story by Vanessa Geneva Ahern, with a sidebar by Kristen Pope.

Flood Ready

How can we be better prepared for America’s costliest natural disaster? Molly Oshun finds answers in a Chicago-area case study.

Nurturing Neighborhoods

In Los Angeles, parks are where sustainability and equity meet. Clement Lau reports.

Renovate or Die

Jeffrey Spivak searches for signs of life in our suburban office parks.

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