Planning October 2017

Planning October 2017

Ten Years of Great Places

In October, Planning recognizes the 10th anniversary of APA's Great Places in America program by revisiting many of the streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces designated since 2007. How have they addressed new challenges in the years since APA singled them out? Did APA recognition help their communities and raise the profile of local planning? Get answers in this month's cover story, "Great Places Through the Years."

Featured Articles

Great Places Through the Years

Ruth Knack looks back at 10 years of celebrating exemplary planning in the U.S. With a sidebar by Emily Pasi.

Living with Landslides

In the wake of the slide in Big Sur, Kristen Pope investigates how places plan for the inevitable.

A Need for Speed

How can planners help deliver high- speed broadband to everyone? Madeline Bodin seeks answers.

Multiple Efficiencies for Multifamily

Passive House standards are coming to condos and apartments. Story by Jeffrey Spivak.

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