Planning February 2018

Planning February 2018

Everybody Moves

February's Planning cover story, "Inclusive Mobility," spotlights transportation systems based on universal design principles that facilitate movement by all community residents, regardless of age or ability. "In Defense of the Bus" gives props to a proven but often-overlooked transit mode, and "Better Together," the latest in Planning's "Business of Planning" series, offers five tested strategies for improving planner/developer communications.

Featured Articles

Inclusive Mobility

American cities have a lot of work to do when it comes to this vital part of universal design. Story by Steve Wright and Heidi Johnson-Wright.

In Defense of the Bus

A handful of cities across the country are leading a renaissance in urban bus service, reports Jonathan Sigall.

Challenging the Status Quo

Universal design benefits everyone, explains Esther Greenhouse.

Better Together

In this Business of Planning installment, Linda McIntyre bridges the communication gap between planners and developers.

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