Planning March 2018

Planning March 2018

Joining the Fight

The March issue of Planning offers a brutal reminder that opioid addiction is a nationwide scourge. In the cover story, "The Geography of Loss," maps produced with GIS software dramatically illustrate where the epidemic hits hardest: in rural areas, especially in a broad swath of middle America. Planners are using this visual geographic data as they join public health workers and policy makers in the fight against deadly substance abuse.

Featured Articles

The Geography of Loss

GIS and planning have joined the fight against the opioid epidemic. Brian Barth explains.

An Rx for Resiliency

Planning has a key role to play in making health care facilities more resilient. Story by Tom Sieniewicz and Kim Way.

Planning for Climate Readiness — and Growth

Web-only expanded version: In Boston and Cambridge, planners are learning to accommodate both climate vulnerability and economic development. Story by Lawrence Susskind, Anna Doty, and Adam Hasz.

The New Normal

In the wake of some of California’s worst wildfires, communities are finding better ways to recover — and plan ahead. Kristen Pope reports.

Future-Proofing Parking

Today’s parking garages could be tomorrow’s housing, writes Jake Blumgart.

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