Using the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint to Improve Integration Between the Natural and Built Environments

By Jennifer Henaghan, AICP



This report aims to improve the ability of planners and conservation professionals to depict areas and actions of shared conservation interest near and within cities by using the Conservation Blueprint. It includes a discussion of the co-benefits of environmental conservation for planning as well as the benefits of intra-jurisdictional and regional coordination. It also details how the Blueprint can be integrated with different types of plans, local planning tools, and other sources of conservation data.


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Aug. 21, 2018
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American Planning Association

About the Author

Jennifer Henaghan, AICP
Jennifer Henaghan, AICP, is APA's Deputy Research Director.

Table of Contents


Why Planners Should Integrate Local Planning with the Blueprint
Co-Benefits of Environmental Conservation for Planning
Benefits of Intra-jurisdictional and Regional Coordination

How Planners Can Integrate Local Planning Activities with the Blueprint
Types of Plans that can be Integrated
Using the Blueprint with Local Planning Tools
Using the Blueprint with Other Sources of Conservation Data
Contributing Local Data to Improve the Blueprint