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The Summer issue takes stock of some of the biggest trends in tech and policy. Advancements in LED lighting are powering a boom in more efficient, localized urban agriculture, while communities across the country are dropping parking minimums to catalyze development. And as cryptocurrencies fluctuate and social media platforms embrace NFTs, Planning asks: How might the blockchain — and its environmental concerns — impact our communities? Plus: Universal basic mobility catches on, Boston's developers foot the bill for climate infrastructure, and state supreme court cases offer convincing arguments for zoning reform.


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July 1, 2022
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American Planning Association

Table of Contents

Get Ready to Grow

Coming to an underpass or brownfield near you: efficient, localized, all-season farming.

The New Block Club

Is there more to the blockchain than volatile currencies and ape NFTs? How planners could leverage the tech — and protect the public interest. PLUS: A troubling environmental equation.

A Business Case for Parking Minimums

Communities of all sizes are trading in parking requirements for cheaper development and more growth. PLUS: 5 steps to parking reform.


Transportation: Universal basic mobility

Climate Mitigation: Developers fund resilience

People Behind the Plans: Chancee Martorell on housing justice

Et Cetera: A slice of Americana pie; three podcasts to follow this summer


How-To: Reforest the urban canopy

The Profession: 5 tips for leading a team, in and out of the office

Legal Lessons: Century-old precedents for zoning reform



Perspectives: Angela Brooks, FAICP, APA’s president-elect

Letters: In case you missed it, single-family-only zoning, roundabouts

Community Green: An industrial site