Tribal Transportation Programs

Project Overview

In early 2005, the American Planning Association (APA) contracted with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) to produce a Synthesis Study on Tribal Transportation Programs. This work was done under the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' National Cooperative Highway Research Program, which TRB administers. The study was financially supported by the Federal Highway Administration.

Project Details

The study surveyed the literature and best practices in transportation planning and program management among American Indian tribal governments nationwide and included a detailed survey among 30 participating tribes on numerous details of their programs, including planning, safety programs, finances, and staffing, among other considerations. The survey resulted in the inclusion of 30 individual profiles of tribal transportation programs, in addition to a broader synthesis of issues and current practices, accompanied by conclusions and suggestions for further research.

APA is pleased to announce that this study was completed late in 2006. A summary of the findings was presented at TRB's annual meeting to its Native American Issues Committee on January 23, 2007.