Planning August/September 2018

Planning August/September 2018

Special Issue on Climate

Ideally, resilience planning not only prepares communities for futures affected by climate change, but also identifies and acts on associated opportunities for economic development, public engagement, and increased equity. The August/September issue of Planning finds communities that are embracing opportunities for positive change as they prepare to meet the challenges of rising seas (in Virginia), coastal subsidence (in Louisiana), and extended drought (throughout the Southwest).

Featured Articles

The Silver Lining of Sea-Level Rise

Norfolk, Virginia, is investing in resiliency, reports Brian Barth.

Nature-Based Solutions

Clement Lau takes a coast-to-coast tour of the parks making their communities more resilient to climate change.

Coping with Loss

Louisiana learns to adapt to a vanishing coast. Story by Emilie Bahr.

Water Pressure

As temperatures rise and water levels fall, inland communities are taking action to make sure they aren’t left high and dry. Allen Best reports.

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