Planning October 2018

Planning October 2018

Planning in the Real World

Many university planning programs welcome practitioners as adjunct faculty to help students develop "real-world" planning skills they will need early in their careers. Planning's October cover story examines the challenges and rewards — for both teachers and students — of combining practice and theory into a successful curriculum.

Featured Articles

Theory and Practice

Planning schools are enlisting practitioners to teach students lessons from the field. Story by Linda McIntyre.

The Davidoff Tapes

A new digital project is bringing life to the legacy of advocacy planning’s pioneer. By Kenneth M. Reardon.

Parking Price Therapy

The doctor is in — Donald Shoup outlines the treatment plan for your parking maladies.

After the Dust Settles

Maxwell Hartt catches up with Deborah and Frank Popper, 30 years after their controversial Planning article on the Buffalo Commons. Plus, read the original article.

People Over Parking

Cities are starting to prioritize affordable housing for residents over parking spaces. Jeffrey Spivak reports.

When Every Day Is Sensory Overload

Kyle Ezell, Rick Stein, and Gala Korniyenko provide lessons for planning with — not for — people with autism.

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