Planning February 2019

Planning February 2019

From Denver to Dubai and Back

Think Nashville, Austin, and NOLA are America's music cities? Think again — Planning tells how Denver and other towns are embracing music as a driver of growth and development. Then it's off to Dubai for a planner's view of a complicated desert metropolis facing opportunities and challenges galore. Back in the U.S., Planning heads to East Market Street in Greensboro, North Carolina, where APA's Community Planning Assistance Team program got started in 1995.

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Planning for Music Can Transform American Cities

From live shows to recording studios, music is an economic multiplier. Christine Ro reports. PLUS: 7 Strategies for a Strong Music Scene

Dubai's Planning Paradox

Can one of the least sustainable cities become a world leader in renewable energy? Allan Mammoser heads to Dubai to learn about the new planning efforts to shrink the city's carbon footprint.

Restoring East Market Street

Amanda Lehmert looks back at APA's first-ever Community Planning Assistance Team project in Greensboro, North Carolina. PLUS: CPAT Projects and Progress by Ryan Scherzinger.

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