Planning February 2020

Planning February 2020

Planned mostly by and for men, transit in the U.S. has long failed its most loyal customers: women. Planning's February cover story examines the gender gap within public transit and dives into the increasing efforts to remedy those failures. Planning doesn't stop when the sun goes down — a thriving nighttime economy is critical for fostering a vibrant city. Whether you're designing an application form, creating a departmental web page, or implementing a digital solution, it should all start with the user.

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Mind the Gender Gap

Public transit has long failed women, reports Meghna Khanna. But groundbreaking research and planning efforts aim to turn that around. PLUS: Three lessons from Vienna, the leader in gender mainstreaming.

User-Centered Planning

All planning should start in the same place: with the end user. Story by Tim Schwecke.

Cities That Love the Nightlife

Life doesn't stop when the sun goes down. From new codes to "night mayors," cities are thinking outside the box to foster a vibrant nighttime culture. Story by Jeff Spivak.


Putting Freedom Colonies on the Map

One planning professor's mission to document and preserve every Black settlement in Texas.

Global Problems, Local Solutions

An international coalition has set some radical climate goals. Here's how three U.S. cities are working to meet them.

Rewriting the Urban Planning Canon

Daphne Lundi: "A planning education that focuses solely on a few predominantly white heroic figures is incomplete and unethical. It doesn't tell the whole story; it prevents us from sharing fuller and richer stories."

ADUs to the Rescue?

In the fight to end the housing crisis, California is putting its money — and its legislation — on accessory dwelling units.

Et Cetera

Roundup of three short films, ranking the world's most inclusive economies, and Minnesota planning podcast.

Tools for the Trade

Legal Lessons

Do camping bans on public property violate the Eighth Amendment?

Planners Library

A new book on saving the world with nature, reviews of four additional books, and e-book suggestions.

The Commissioner

Historic signs, zoning tools, and the Fair Housing Act.

Also in This Issue


APA Research Director Petra Hurtado, PhD: "At APA, we are asking ourselves: How can we help planners prepare for an uncertain future and adapt to the accelerating pace of change?"

Great Places in America

Short North has transformed its boarded-up storefronts of the 1970s into the "art and soul" of today's Columbus, Ohio.


Readers comment on engaging youth, trip generation, and Planners Library.


Profiles of three contributors to this issue: Meghna Khanna, Richard Orton, and Tim Schwecke.

Inside Planning Podcast

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