Planning May 2019

Planning May 2019

Special Issue on APA's National Planning Awards

It's awards season! Planning honors the recipients of this year's National Planning Excellence Awards and Gold and Silver Achievement Awards. Also honored are the 2018 JAPA Articles of the Year and recipients of awards given by the Chapter Presidents Council, Divisions Council, Student Representatives Council, and Planning Accreditation Board.

2019 National Planning Excellence Awards

Honoring Identity, Cultural Heritage

By tapping into traditional land-use knowledge and community input, the Hawaiian county of Kaua‘i is tackling tourism, housing, and resiliency — all while honoring local heritage. Story by Iliana Loomis.

Community-Driven Revitalization

National City, California, and local residents, led by activist Carolina Martinez, are working together to transform a former health risk into a mixed use affordable housing triumph. By Anne Wyatt.

Empowerment in Louisville and Beyond

Family Scholar House is working to end the cycle of poverty for Kentucky's single-parent families and youth aging out of foster care.

A Plan for Reconciliation

Vancouver, British Columbia's plans to redevelop the site of an old downtown freeway has evolved into a new commitment and plan for cultural redress for populations of color with historic ties to the area. Brian Barth reports.

Queen of Main Street

Mary Means, founder of the Main Street program, has created an epic legacy in the field of historic preservation. By Ruth Eckdish Knack.

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