Planning October 2020

Planning October 2020

In October's issue of Planning, learn how AI can help planners digitize the built environment, reimagine urban observations, and evaluate potential changes. Hispanic, Latino, Latina, or Latinx? An urban planning scholar offers eight ways to be more accurate and intentional in our language. A Detroit neighborhood continues to suffer from a century of land-use decisions that put economic development before public health — a researcher tracks the history of heavy industry wins and a Black community's losses.

Featured Articles

The Art of Learning by Example

Transportation planner David Wasserman investigates the intersection of planning practice and emerging AI tech. PLUS: Bellevue, Washington's innovative safety study.

Expanding Boundaries

When Harford County, Maryland, was outgrowing its development envelope, it turned to a group of planning students — and their award-winning framework plan. Story by Uri Avin, Kari Nye, and Jerah Smith.

"We Fight So Many Battles"

How did one Detroit neighborhood become the most polluted zip code in Michigan? Researcher Lisa Berglund tracks the 100-year history of heavy industry wins and a Black community's losses.

Web Exclusive: Life in 48217

Detroit resident, activist, and photographer Emma Lockridge chronicles her community and its challenges in an exclusive photo essay.


Expanding Equity and Affordability, One Lot at a Time

Even as the pandemic intensifies the housing crisis, community land trusts are creating sustainable opportunities for homeownership.

Et Cetera

Model TED Talks, a new game called Townscraper, and Esri's Racial Equity GIS Hub.

Curbside Competition

To help struggling restaurants, cities have converted parking to pickup zones and pop-up patios. But could they find a more permanent home in our post-pandemic streetscape?

Planners as Therapists, Cities as Clients

Jose Richard Aviles: "Lived experiences should be leveraged and seen as truth, even when planners can't connect with them."

Tools for the Trade

Hispanic, Latino, Latina, or Latinx?

An urban planning scholar traces the terms and shows how to be intentional about their use.

Web Exclusive: Take It Outside

Tips for effective, socially distant community engagement.

Careers in the Time of COVID

Here are three strategies to help you stay in the career game in tough times.

Planners Library

A guest book review from John King, additional reviews of books about AVs and land use and DIY cities.

Also in This Issue


PBCD Chair Victoria Mason-Ailey: "It is essential that we work to increase the presence of Black planners within the profession, within APA, and among its leadership."

Great Places in America

Pioneer Park in Mesa, Arizona, made a comeback in 2017 when it reopened with new features and a popular 1912 locomotive.


Readers comment on physical distancing and aging environmental standards.


Profiles of three contributors to this issue: Ivis García, David Wasserman, and Emma Lockridge.

Cover: Memo Akten and Nexus Studios.