Planning June 2020

Planning June 2020

Special Issue: Voices from the Pandemic

As the pandemic forced us physically apart, the planning community has come together. This special issue captures a snapshot of planners' personal experiences and professional challenges during this time of upheaval. In June's Planning magazine, find out how planners and communities are adapting to new ways of living and working.

Featured Articles

This Isn't What We Planned For

Linda McIntyre tells us how she and other planners are adapting to new ways of living and working — and facing a future that's still taking shape. PLUS: The Long View: Planning's Response to Social Changes.

'All We Do, Now and in the Future, Will Be Informed by This Experience.'

Planners reflect on the first weeks of the crisis, challenges and successes, and what lies ahead. Personal stories told to Planning editors.

Even at a Distance

As COVID-19 shuts down New Orleans, neighborhoods open their arms. Written by Alexandra Miller.

Web Exclusive: Portrait of a City on Pause

The Bay Area through a transportation planner's lens. By Sergio Ruiz.


As Mobility Patterns Change, Cities Shift Gears

Around the world, more cyclists are hitting the streets — and cities are making room for them.

Et Cetera

Supporting movie theaters, planning teaching resources, and a whole array of podcasts.

Affordability Faces Yet Another New Foe

Construction persists under lockdown, but the pandemic could have long-term impacts on the industry and the people it serves.

Tools for the Trade

Legal Lessons

From the first zoning code to the coronavirus outbreak, land-use regulations remain linked with public health.

COVID Resources

APA's curated resources for help in navigating planning during a pandemic.


Despite the digital divide, inclusive public outreach and social distancing are not mutually exclusive.

Planners Library

A new book about writing for planners, reviews of four additional books, and e-book suggestions.

Also in This Issue


APA Editor in Chief Meghan Stromberg: "I actually think that lately we're prioritizing community more than ever."

Great Places

Governors Island in New York City has been transformed into a waterfront park.


Readers comment on the impact of COVID-19 on the content of recent Planning articles.


Profiles of three contributors to this issue: Sergio Ruiz, Michael Podgers, and Alexandra Miller.

Cover: Photo by Victor J. Blue/Getty Images.